C150325 (1 CPD) Scientific seminar on 'Intra- and extracranial stereotactic treatments using VERO and Exactrac devices: The UZ Brussel experience' and HKAMP AGM
on or before 19th Mar 2015
C150123 (1 CPD per hr) SIRT seminar & workshop
on or before 22nd Jan 2015      
C141129 (6 CPD) Scandidos QA Workshop - Hong Kong
on or before 27th Nov 2014 (3:00pm)
C140312 (1 CPD) Annual General Meeting of HKAMP
on or before 6th Mar 2014
C140106 (1 CPD) Joint Scientific Seminar - Moving Radiology to the Front Line
C131112 (2 CPD) Proton Therapy Seminar
on or before 6th Nov 2013
C131023 (2.5 CPD) Proton Therapy Symposium
N130620 (6 CPD) Symposium: Medical Device and Health Technology Assessment
C130514 (1 CPD) Symposium on Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) Lung with the CyberKnife(R) System
N130315 (1.5 CPD) The added challenges of bone metastases treatment in elderly patients
C130314 (1 CPD) AGM lecture: A different perspective in radiotherapy
on or before 11th Mar 2013
C120923 (5 CPD) Scientific Meeting in Radiotherapy & Tomotherapy Symposium
on or before 14th Sep 2012