Our Missions

The Hong Kong Association of Medical Physics (HKAMP) is the organization in Hong Kong devoted exclusively to the professional activities of medical physicists. It collaborates with physicians, radiologists and other medical organizations in achieving this purpose. As an independent professional medical physics organization the HKAMP is able to fully represent the clinical medical physicist in complex health care issues.

The Objectives of the HKAMP are to:

  • Enhance the quality of the practice of medical physics
  • Engage in professional activities for the benefit of the medical physics community
  • Promote the continuing competence of practitioners of medical physics
3 online IDMP (International Day of Medical Physics 2017) events
115th Scientific Meeting of the JSMP(Japan Society of Medical Physics)
15th South-East Asian Congress of Medical Physics
There is a new deadline for the IUPAP award. The new deadline is 10th November 2017. The announcement of the winner will be 1st December 2017
7th Joint Scientific Meeting of RCR & HKCR and 25th Annual Scientific Meeting of HKCR
17th Asia-Oceania Congress of Medical Physics 'AOCMP - 2017' in conjunction with 38th Annual Conference of Association of Medical Physicists of India 'AMPICON - 2017'
Letís celebrate the 5th International Day of Medical Physics!
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