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Radiotherapy Physics - Who’s who in radiation therapy

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Who’s who in radiation therapy

Medical Physicist

Medical physicist is a health care professional. He/she is responsible for developing and maintaining physics support in the practice in medicine. In particular, medical physicists work mostly in the radiation oncology, x-ray and nuclear medicine departments where they perform quality assurance work on equipment and radioactive materials used and the procedures of diagnostic and therapy deliveries.


Radiation Oncologist

A radiation oncologist is a physician trained in the treatment of cancer with radiation. He/she is the person in charge of your treatment and follow-up and responsible to answer any concerns you may have about your care. Oncology residents, who are physicians in training, also may participate in your care under the direct supervision of your radiation oncologist.


Oncology Nursing

The radiation oncology nurses, with special backgrounds in all aspects of cancer care, provide a full array of nursing services, including emotional and physical support. They provide ongoing clinical supervision to support all patients undergoing therapy. The nurses are also involved in research projects and the development of educational groups to assist the patient as they undergo treatment.



Radiographers administer the daily radiation treatments and working under your oncologist's prescription or treatment plan. Some radiographers also perform simulation and treatment planning.


Support Services

To assist with the emotional aspects of cancer and treatment, social workers and patient support groups are available to you and your family to talk about fears and expectations. Nutrition specialists will offer dietary advice, and the home care and hospice programs provide support, nursing care and in-home services.


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